Three good reasons to choose Piceasoft.


Safe and smooth data transfer is no problem. Our services support all the popular brands and platforms.


When necessary, some tweaking and tailoring will make sure our product meets the specific needs of our client.


Security is a top priority to us. That’s why PiceaSwitch™, for instance, creates no temporary files during data transfer.


  • Smooth and fast transfer of all personal content between all major phone platforms.
  • Safe, as no temporary files are created during transfer.
  • Includes support for secured backup to USB memory stick or cloud.
  • No separate hardware, just download the solution.
  • Service for private use available at




  • Fast and simple diagnostics process.
  • Extensive repair functions for apps and content management.
  • Full audit trail to verify and prove proper device handling.
  • Helps to avoid No Fault Found (NFF) returns and unnecessary repair centre deliveries.
  • No locked or stolen phones in your buyback pipeline.


  • Cloud-based reporting, supporting ERP systems.
  • Completely empties the device’s memory – erasure report contains all device details.
  • Reliable: no personal data will end up in the wrong hands.
  • Old device can safely be sold, recycled or given away.


  • Real-time phone market information to phone manufacturers, operators and other mobile phone vendors.
  • Web reporting tool for business analytics.
  • Fast, reliable, comprehensive information on, for example, the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.


  • Convenience of one solution for all platforms.
  • Efficient streamlined erasure process.
  • Erase beyond recovery.
  • Comprehensive and secure reports – fully auditable.
  • A solution you can trust.

  • Transfer phone contents from old to new device quickly and safely, wherever you are.
  • Open the service on your PC by clicking the link: and follow the instructions on the PC display.
  • No data removed from your devices, and no data stored on the computer.

We’ve got your mobile life covered

To us, PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) is a strategic business approach to meeting the challenge of supporting mobile devices during their whole life cycle. We offer a strong solution to every single aspect of the life cycle, from smooth introduction of a new phone through safe and fast data transfer to reliable diagnostics and 100% data erasure for repair, future buyback and recycling.